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Meet Journeying Hearts

Aditi & Amit are two love bugs who discovered their passion for travel together. Our love story is a cliche. We met in college and accidentally fell in love. After a long standing romantic commitment, we had a fun destination wedding in the Himalayas. We have been together for more than a decade now and our journey has been beautiful, adventurous, eventful, and full of travel. 

We had a month long honeymoon in Europe in 2019. Much like every couple on honeymoon, we fell in love, but this time with travel. We both are Techies living in the corporate jungle and not full-time travelers. However, we have struck a sweet balance between our jobs and our mission to see the world. We work, travel and repeat.

In the span of four years, we have been to 20 countries together (COVID was a speed bump). After gaining a lot of travel experiences, we thought of sharing our wisdom with fellow travel enthusiasts. We have stayed at the most luxurious property on Las Vegas strip and cozied up in a cute little BnB in Greece. From budget-friendly to luxurious getaways, we meticulously plan each journey, discovering a range of options to suit every wanderer's preferences.

Come along with us as we embark on countless adventures and unforgettable experiences. 

PS: "The world is not in your books and maps. It's Out There!" ~ Gandalf

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