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A 4-Day Itinerary for Amsterdam

Discover the essence of Netherlands with this 4-Day itinerary for Amsterdam.

2022, Amsterdam

Aditi on a boat cruise in Amsterdam
Aye Aye, Skipper!

Amsterdam is a city of vibrant canals, rich history, artistic treasures and a lot more (if you know what we mean :P ). Our trip to Amsterdam gave us a bucket full of beautiful memories that we are going to cherish for the rest of our lives. And now we are here with an amazing itinerary to help you plan your getaway to “Venice of the North”. This 4-day Itinerary for Amsterdam will make you immerse yourself in its iconic and picturesque landscapes.

Here's a carefully curated travel plan to this Dutch gem:

Day 1: Unveiling the Heart of the City

Morning: Begin your journey with a visit to the Anne Frank House. To ensure a seamless experience, remember to secure your tickets in advance. As you step through the hidden annex and witness the powerful testament of a young girl's resilience, the gravity of history will leave a lasting impact on your heart.

The Anne Frank House is a huge reminder of the atrocities of the past and the power of hope. It offers an opportunity to reflect on the importance of empathy, tolerance, and learning about history. Remember to book your tickets online well in advance, as this popular attraction tends to sell out quickly.

Pro-tip 1: Read Anne Frank’s Diary before visiting. It is going to simply elevate your experience at the Museum. You’ll feel the weight of emotions that the young girl would have felt during that horrendous time.

Pro-tip 2: Don’t miss your slot. The museum is extremely busy and missing your booked slot means there is no way you’ll be able to get in.

Afternoon: Well the morning is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. But the rest of the day is going to be a lot of fun. Take time to rejuvenate as you wander through the charismatic Jordan District. It has a historical charm and this neighbourhood’s narrow streets, quirky boutiques, and hidden courtyards are a treat for the eyes. Discover vintage shops, artisanal cafes, and picturesque canals that evoke the city's romantic past.

You can pause for a leisurely lunch at a local café, sipping on Dutch coffee. The Dutch take their coffee seriously, and savouring a cup in a quaint café is a quintessential Amsterdam experience.

Evening: As the day begins to set, head to Dam Square, the bustling heart of Amsterdam. Dominated by the majestic Royal Palace, this historic square offers a blend of architectural grandeur and lively energy. Capture the spirit of Amsterdam's cultural and social life as you join locals and fellow travellers in this vibrant hub.

From there, go on a captivating stroll through the famed Red Light District. This area offers a glimpse into Amsterdam's open approach to life. The area is perfectly safe for tourists to walk around, however, pay attention to your belongings as the area gets very crowded at night.

Pro-tip: While the red-lit windows may be enticing, don’t make the mistake of taking your camera out. It’s not only prohibited but also disrespectful.

Day 2: Countryside bliss

Amit and Aditi dressed in traditional Dutch attire
Dressing up in Volendam

This day will be dedicated to venturing out of Amsterdam and exploring the hidden gems of the Netherlands. We are going to recommend two options for day trips from Amsterdam that you can choose from, based on how far you are willing to go from Amsterdam.

Option 1 (Day Trip): Windmills and Traditions

Go for a fascinating day trip to Zaanse Schans, a charming open-air museum that transports you back in time. Just a short 20-minute train ride from Amsterdam, this picturesque village is famed for its well-preserved windmills, traditional houses, and artisanal workshops.

Continue your journey to Volendam, a postcard-perfect fishing village known for its traditional wooden houses and vibrant harbour.

Indulge in a unique cultural experience by dressing up in authentic Dutch attire and taking photographs. Extend your adventure by taking a ferry to the enchanting Marken island, where narrow lanes, charming houses and quant vibe of the village are going to make you fall in love with the countryside.

Pro-tip: If you feel hungry while you are in Marken, we recommend you try a burger by the dock at ‘Taverne de Visscher’. It was simply one of the best burgers and fries we have ever had.

Option 2 (Day Trip): Canals and Tranquillity

If you love canals then take a day trip to Giethoorn, a village where canals replace roads and serenity fills the atmosphere. You can either book a day trip from Amsterdam with a tour operator or take a train to Meppel yourself (It's another 20 mins drive from Meppel). No matter what you choose, the journey unveils the Dutch countryside's beauty, marked by lush meadows, quaint villages, and glistening waterways.

Upon arrival, enjoy the biggest attraction of Giethoorn with a mesmerizing boat ride along its meandering canals. The ride usually lasts around 1.5 hours, however, you can also rent a boat and navigate the canals yourself. Take in the beauty of Giethoorn tranquillity as you glide beneath picturesque bridges and past thatched-roof cottages.

Pro-tip: You do not need a license or sailing experience to rent a boat. The boats are extremely stable and operate at a manageable pace. Also, you’ll get all the information you need before you go.

Amit and Aditi in Marken
Such pretty houses

Day 3: Take a dip into Art and Culture

Morning: Enrich your morning with an artistic immersion at the Van Gogh Museum, a tribute to one of the world's most renowned artists. To ensure a smooth experience, secure your tickets in advance. Wander through the galleries that chronicle Van Gogh's life, from his early works to his masterpieces.

A short stroll away lies the iconic Rijksmuseum, a treasure trove of Dutch art and history. Admire the works of Vermeer, Rembrandt, and other Dutch masters that grace its halls. From captivating portraits to exquisite Delftware, this museum encapsulates the essence of Dutch culture.

Afternoon: Head to the serene oasis of Vondelpark, Amsterdam's beloved urban escape. The park is huge and you’ll love all the fun activities that you can do here. The park calls you to indulge in strolls, invigorating cycles, or idyllic picnics. Let your worries fly as you walk in its lush landscapes, and embrace the harmony between nature and city life.

Evening: As the sun dips below the horizon, immerse yourself in Amsterdam's lively Leidseplein. This dynamic square is a testament to the city's spirited character, pulsating with energy and entertainment options. Get something to eat at a local eatery here, savouring Dutch flavours at their best.

Day 4: A Leisurely Farewell

Morning: Begin your day with an ascent to the pinnacle of the A'DAM Tower, offering a breathtaking panorama of Amsterdam's captivating beauty. The observation deck provides an unrivalled view of the magical city, allowing you to bid adieu in the most epic way possible.

Afternoon: Visit the Upside Down Museum, where reality and illusion seamlessly blend in. It is a real challenge for the brain to make sense of what you see here.

Evening: As twilight descends, embark on a final exploration of Amsterdam's iconic canals with a twilight cruise. The cruise gives you a unique perspective of the city's history and landmarks, as you’ll hear some fun facts and stories about Amsterdam.

As your cruise concludes, take a stroll along the canals for the last time, before saying goodbye to the magnificent Amsterdam.

Before we close, we want to give you a few things to add to your Amsterdam bucket list.

Things you must do in Amsterdam:
  1. Try out popular fries at Manneken Pis: There is always a long line as the fries taste so good, especially with their signature cheese sauce.

  2. Take a canal cruise: We chose a boat tour by a company named ‘Flagship’. It was an amazing experience full of fun facts and stories about the city while we sailed through the beautiful canals.

  3. Take a stroll through the red light district: It’s the most lively place in Amsterdam at night and certainly a must-visit.

  4. Ride a bike in Amsterdam: You can rent a cycle anywhere in Amsterdam but it’s easier to get it close to your accommodation as they’ll just ask for your Hotel room for a guarantee.

  5. Visit Vondelpark: It is the most famous park in the Netherlands. We recommend clubbing it with your cycling tour.

  6. Check out the views from the A’DAM Tower's observation deck: Even the lift ride to the top is pretty exciting with LED lighting and music.

  7. Visit Anne Frank House: It is an emotional roller but a unique experience that opens a window into the past.

We tried to find the essence of Amsterdam, exploring its historical significance, artistic treasures, popular attractions and natural beauty. As we bid adieu to this captivating city, we carry with us a treasure trove of experiences, memories, and a deeper understanding of Amsterdam.

Remember, while this itinerary offers a comprehensive glimpse into Amsterdam's wonders, the city is a canvas waiting to be explored at your own pace. So don’t let this itinerary limit your experience and put in some extra effort to get the most out of your trip. We would love to hear about your experiences, stories and discoveries from Amsterdam so don’t forget to drop a comment for us.

Bon Voyage!


Divya Patel
Divya Patel
Aug 13, 2023

I love ur each and every Post🥰🥰😍👌. Thanku guys I will definitely follow ur itinerary 😍

Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma
Aug 14, 2023
Replying to

Thank You Divya! We are glad you are enjoying reading about our Journey. Hope you have a great time in Amsterdam.


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